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T-4 Outside Transmitter

The T-4 transmitter features user friendly lights and audible sounds to let you know that the transmitter is working properly and when there is a problem with the signal field.

The T-4 transmistter provides “DUAL ZONE” signal field. The dual zone establiT4sysshes two signal fields. The first signal field is set to a warning level that canbe changed on the front of the T-4 transmitter. Its purpose is to warn the pet to turn back.  The second signal field will produce a higher level of stimulation to contain the pet.

The transmitter frequency can be changed to allow neighboring wires to be laid on top of each other and not have signal cancellation.

Transmitter can be used on any size yard up to 50 acres.

The T-4 transmitter has a  LIFETIME warranty.

There are up to 160 stimulation levels available.

TS-5 Outside Transmitter

TS5sysThe TS-5 transmitter is a smaller/low-powered transmitter for homes with an acre or less of yard space. It features a user friendly light and audible sound to let you know that the transmitter is working properly or if there is a problem with the signal field.

It has enhanced surge protection with fuses that automatically reset themselves.

The TS-5 transmitter has two frequency settings to accommodate side by side installations.

TS5adaptThe TS-5 transmitter can be used in conjunction with the T-4 transmitter to create multi-inside or outside loops. This will keep your pet from designated areas in the home or yard. Should one of the TS-5 designated loops be broken, the outside perimeter loop will stay on because the loops are on separate circuits.

The TS-5 transmitter has a LIFETIME warranty.

Indoor Pet Containment Systems

Indoor Dog Fence Containment SystemDog Guard’s indoor pet containment solutions provide a wireless dog fence for your home, and are ideal for cat and dogs of all ages and sizes and may be used to train your pets in a variety of indoor situations, such as:

  • Restrict your pets to certain rooms of your home or apartment
  • Keep pets off of your furniture, including beds, sofas, antiques, etc.
  • Prevent your pets from getting into the trash or other areas of your home or apartment

RT-2 Room Transmitter


The RT-2 room transmitter is a small versatile device that is designed for containing or restraining pets in or from designated areas inside of the home. It can be used in the home, garage or basement. The RT-2 room transmitter is portable and can travel with you and your pet

  • The RT-2 room transmitter radiates a 360° signal up to 8 feet.
  • It has non-encoded or encoded mode settings.
  • When the RT-2 room transmitter is set in the encoded mode, an ID code makes the system immune to all interference from stray signals and provides “DUAL ZONES”, in the signal field. The dual zone establishes two signal fields. In the first signal field, the pet receives a warning level stimulus that has been preset on the front of the RT-2 room transmitter. Its purpose is to warn the pet to turn back. Should the pet enter the second signal field, the receiver will automatically increase to a stronger stimulus.
  • The RT-2 room transmitter is a great way to keep pets off countertops, furniture, out of special rooms or out of the garbage!
  • RT-2 room transmitter has a LIFETIME warranty.